Someone once phrased our facility as an “emotional spa”. What sets us apart from other outpatient mental health clinics? From the moment you step foot in our door, you are met with warm, friendly staff who are making you feel at home. People know you by name and not just your therapist. There is coffee, a variety of teas, and water to help you take care of your basic needs first and foremost. Our waiting room is beaming with bright natural light while relaxing music is played throughout the common spaces of the facility. You will wait in our thoughtfully decorated waiting room and have access to essential oils for aromatherapy to assist in relaxing you. There are notebooks and pens where you can gather your thoughts before your session or leave a kind note for someone else to find. You will then be met by your therapist who will take you back to a warmly lit and tastefully decorated room that will feel like home.  You will engage collaboratively with your therapist to identify goals, and your therapist will educate you with best practices in which to achieve them. 

We aim to provide the environment you need to feel comfort and care as you walk your walk to a journey of wellness and healing. Come visit and take a look for yourself. We take away the stigma and provide you with the hospitality and care you have been looking for. We are honored to be a part of each and every journey.