COVID-19 Updates


This is to advise you that effective May 3, 2021 A Journey to You will be providing BOTH face to face and teletherapy services to our clients. We have had great success using our teletherapy alternatives and will continue to serve you by adding this to our list of services to choose from. 

We have developed the following operational procedures to serve you:

  1. Clients may now opt to have their sessions face to face or by way of teletherapy by using our HIPAA compliant client portal.
  2. Clients (new or existing) will be given additional support 24/7 by way of our after hours support line. This line will be used for individuals who are needing immediate attention that is not life-threatening. Our after hours trained support staff will provide brief counseling and support while getting you in contact with someone who will assist you first thing on the next business day. 
  3. If you are currently scheduled for face to face sessions or for Neurofeedback services, you will be contacted by our office staff 24 hours prior to your appointment to answer a 5 question COVID screening to ensure safety for all.
  4. On the day of your face to face appointment, you will have your temperature checked at check in, will be asked to wear your mask at all times in the common areas of the building and practice social distancing.  
  5. Once you are in your therapist’s room, it will be at the discretion and comfort level of you and your therapist as to whether or not you will both remain masked during your session. Some therapists are requiring that masks be worn in their therapy room while others are leaving it up to their clients.  We encourage you to have this discussion prior to coming in for face to face sessions so that expectations  are clearly defined and understood by you and your therapist.  Ensuring continued safety and comfort in your sessions is what is most important to us!
  6. Staff will be taking extra precautionary safety and cleaning measures by routinely cleaning/disinfecting all frequently touched surfaces in the facility such as waiting/therapy room chairs, workstations, keyboards, telephones, handrails, and doorknobs while practicing more frequent hand washing. 
  7. For students who are physically in the schools: We ask that if for any reason your school shuts down due to COVID related circumstances and requires you to do virtual learning, we would also require that you see your therapist by way of telehealth during those times until normal operations resume again at your school. 
  8. If you are experiencing ANY cold or flu-like symptoms, we ask that you contact the office to cancel your face to face appointment and opt for telehealth. All A Journey to You staff will also be adhering to these same guidelines. 

We are doing our very best to continue to provide you with quality care while increasing services in order to accommodate the continuing needs of our community. We will continue to ensure the safety for all and will make every effort to provide you with the support and comfort you are deserving of.

As always , we ask that you never hesitate to let us know if there is anything else you may need as we will do our absolute best to accommodate your need. 

Very truly yours,

Bethanne Fetzer, MEd, LPC

Owner/Founder/Clinical and Executive Director

A Journey to You…LLC

Professional Counseling Services