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Kindness Blossoms is an ongoing volunteer-run gift to our community whereby local florists, food chains and/or private parties will donate flowers that they will no longer be needing to A Journey to You.  Our volunteers will then rearrange them into numerous smaller arrangements and repurpose them to be delivered to our local long term care facilities for those who need some extra loving and cheer!  They will be accompanied by our loving and adorable therapy dog, “Keona” who will offer kisses upon request.  🙂

If you wold like to help out with this rewarding effort to serve our community we would love to have you join us on this unique volunteer opportunity!  Call the office today for more details.  814-325-0280 ext. 1.


New groups have and will be starting so call now to inquire/reserve your spot as spaces are filling fast! Groups are typically covered by insurances just like a session would be and will oftentimes have less or no copays.  GROUPS CURRENTLY BEING OFFERED!

            Walk and Talk Therapy is here!!!!!
A Journey to You is proud to launch our NEW…
                Walk and Talk Therapy Room! 
Our continued work toward ultimate mental fitness is what brought forth this idea that our owner Bethanne Fetzer had for quite some time now. It was developed and planned over this last year and has come to fruition as our doors open back up to you!
Benefits of Walk and Talk Therapy include:
1. Walking can make it easier for some people to discuss their feelings as clients may prefer to move or do something as opposed to sitting across from their therapist in an office or through a screen.
2. It is a great option for people to release excess energy (anxiety) during sessions or for those who feel uneasy with maintaining direct eye contact and sitting still.  It can help enhance the client’s ability to navigate particularly difficult issues. Walking along side one’s therapist can help the client to not only to feel safe, but also can help the client to feel less vulnerable as opposed to sitting across from the therapist and having to maintain eye contact. 
3. It will leave them feeling more refreshed in body and mind at the end of their session and increase more mind/body awareness.
4. Walking engages different parts of the brain which can increase one’s level of cognitive processing and decision making, hence lending itself to better therapeutic outcomes.
A Journey to You’s Walk and Talk Therapy space will be used for this purpose while also having the option of virtual walks using the projector screen in front of them. Come walk with your therapist through the rainforest in Maui or a National Park of your choice and notice for yourself the positive changes that you begin to see and feel!
The space will serve a number of purposes. Balance balls and yoga mats will be available for other ways in which your therapist can help you engage with and listen more to your body as you simultaneously heal your heart and mind. A space to help foster the ultimate mind/body connection!
Making use of our soft lighting, projector screen and surround speaker system will also help to create the perfect guided meditation space!
Stop in and check it out! Don’t forget your sneakers!

*Self Compassion/Self Esteem



*Chronic Illness

*Health/wellness program for women

*Healthy Parenting

Please call the office for more information about these groups.  814-325-0280 ext 1



A Journey to You is now accepting applications for:

*full-time office assistant

*full-time licensed therapists

 *generous benefits package.

(at both our State College and Bellefonte locations)

 Please send your resume to ajourneytoyouoffice@gmail.com and put in subject heading “applicant”